Maciel’s Maternity Goodness

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I recently spent a delightful afternoon with these two lovebirds, who just welcomed their first little peanut into the world last week!

My dance-buddy Rosemary wanted to surprise her friend and co-worker Maciel with a little maternity session.
I don’t normally photograph these unless I get pried with booze, or my friends ask me to, but I definitely wanted to do this one.
You see, Maciel had been on bedrest for almost seven weeks already, letting her body work tirelessly and diligently to make sure everyone got past that all-important 26-week mark. And beyond that now, cooking that little bun in the oven for as long as possible, until he is ready to make his long-awaited debut into the world.

So, I  happily visited Maciel and her hubby Lemuel at their home in New Haven, and we created a little bit of baby belly magic. Lemuel wasn’t going to be in any photos at first, but little did he know just how convincing I can be when it comes to getting in front of my camera! 

Here are my favorite photos of little Isa, while he was still comfortably chillin’ in his momma’s beautiful belly. 🙂



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