hi there,
i'm laura dee.

Born in The Netherlands • Raised in Aruba • Lover of good music • Huge board game fanatic • Got sorted into Gryffindor • Drinker of peach Bellinis • Fan of Sheldon Cooper • Funny face maker in every photo • Night owl • Dog person • Appreciator of witticisms • Reader of all books • User of words like ‘kickassery’ and ‘dude’ • Allergic to shellfish • Tattoo addict • Candy crusher • Drawer of doodles • Master ninja wannabe • Jiu-jitsu white-belt for life • Marvel geek • Halloween-is-the-best-holiday enthusiast • High-fiver over hugger • Skydiving & swimming with elephants bucketlister • Solo Monday matinee movie goer • Token sarcastic friend • Adorer of sequins & sparkles • Trotter of the globe • Occasional f-bomb dropper • Believer in unicorns & such • Sun and warm weather worshipper • Enjoyer of time spent with good folks • Supporter of laughter & the right to be happy • Blue-haired bleeding heart • Huge game night fanatic • Antique furniture picker • Stingray hugger • Member of House Stark • Dancer of the ridiculous variety • Pop culture freak • Proud supporter of all things hipster • Passport stamp collector • Ex-police officer • Ex-bartender • Happy mom & wife to a kickass crew.

- Laura

my work is...

Happy, quirky, off-beat, easy-going, whimsical, fun and sexy. I am a little bit silly, love to jump up and down and squeal whenever I take a dope photo. I constantly try to think outside the box, come up with new and exciting ways to keep this shindig fun for all involved. This year, I decided to focus solely on boudoir portraits, on making women feel like the fierce, fabulous creatures they truly are. I am so excited for this complete rebrand of my business and my new rallying cry.


my name is annaliese.

Jack of all trades. Studio Manager. Makeup artist extraordinaire, personal trainer and a rowing coach on the side. Self-proclaimed gym rat. I enjoy long romantic walks to the fridge. I don’t eat animals, I snuggle them and talk to them in strange voices. If I had a bagillion trillion dollars I’d buy tons of land and adopt as many animals as I could. Also, s’mores, I like that shit. I love rock ‘n’ roll but don’t think for one second that when an old Spice Girls jam comes on that I don’t crank that and get down with my bad self. My hair is pink but I change it so often that it might be purple or orange by this afternoon. I’m teaching myself how to play keyboard, slowly but surely. Pearl Jam forever. I love random dance parties and karaoke. It’s Ana, like in Frozen, by the way.  Natural weirdo. Music all of the time. My wardrobe is either black or obnoxiously bright, there is no in between. Peanut butter and a spoon solves most problems. Since I started writing this bio my hair is now pink AND purple. And green. I come from a big family and I’m the baby. I love being outside whether it be hiking, camping, kayaking, walking my pup, or just simply sitting in the sun breathing in the fresh air and thinking about anything and everything. I like to draw and paint but I’m so freakin’ picky that it usually takes me forever to finish something. My little pony & ninja turtles, yes please. I own a moody cat named Penelope, and a crazy pup named Bubbles who’s probably more photogenic than all of humanity combined. Shout out to sidewalks for keepin’ me off the streets.

- Ana


Stay tuned; lots of new, exciting things happening soon!

riddle me this

  • So, are you like all professional and stuff? With insurance and nice cameras, and back up gear? No. Just kidding, yes.

    Be assured, I am insured, and all my gear is pretty damn fancy and awesome. I shoot with Canon gear, and no, my cameras do not get to take all the credit for these dope images. But they sure do help. ;)
  • Can I send you my Pinterest page with ideas and poses and suggestions? Ahhh, Pinterest. The site that makes me feel like a DIY, home-decoration failure on the daily. I really need to invest in a good glue-gun, y'all. While Pinterest is surely amazeballs to help you kind of hone in on what type and style wedding you are envisioning, sending me a long list of images you want to recreate is really counter productive to how the day would otherwise unfold naturally. Trust, I will take the best photos of you, on your big day, surrounded by your loved ones. Pinky-swear.
  • What do you love to photograph? LOVE! I love to take photos of love, all sorts of love, between parents and kids, friends, family, and of course you two. But more specifically, I really enjoy funny dancing photos during the reception, the moment when the newlyweds walk back up the aisle together, all giddy and stuff, emotional parent dances, and of course, our portrait time together.
  • Do you offer engagement shoots? Absolutely, and they are a great way for us to get to know each other. Bring a bottle of wine to yours, and I KNOW we'll be bffs by the end of the day. ;) If you aren't sure on what to wear, or are looking for hair and makeup suggestions, email us, we have tons of ideas!
  • Okay, so we are totally in love with you, how do we book you for our wedding? Ooh, you want me to shoot your wedding? Yay, that's terrific! Shoot my lovely studio manager, Annaliese: lover of unicorns and TNMT, an email at, and she will send you back a Letter of Engagement, which you fill out, sign and email back. We either invoice you through Paypal, or you can send in a check to the studio. $500 is due to hold your date, and a total of one-third of your fee is due within thirty days to retain my services. The remaining balance is due no later than one month prior to your big day.
  • Do you travel outside of New England for weddings? Is the atomic weight of Cobalt 58.9? If you aren't Egon Spengler...that would be an 'absolutely yes'! I love to travel, and exploring this little planet of ours as a photographer is one of the most rewarding things about my job. Send us the deets about your destination wedding vacation location, or fly me over to wherever you already reside, and let's create some brilliant photos together!
  • Do we have to buy prints and canvases through you? Nope. You are able to order prints directly through your gallery, but you don't have to. You get shared print rights, meaning that you can take those bad boys and have them printed anywhere you'd like. Though, please don't use cheap printing options, like Walmart. The quality is so bad, your images will look nothing like what they are supposed to. Instead, shoot us an email if you don't know where to get the best prints and goodies at the best prices, and we will happily send you a list of labs we love.
  • Do we have to feed you at our wedding? I legit get hangry and Hulk-y if I don't eat during a six to ten hour span, not to mention weak and a teensy bit sad. Most all venues offer vendor meals at discounted rates, and getting a plate of hot food halfway through our lovely day together makes me feel warm, fuzzy and re-energized, and ready to tackle those reception photos like a boss. If you opt to not want to feed our crew, that is totally fine, but we will order out (probably pizza!) and take a break to chow down. Here's a helpful note: Request that your venue feed us the same time as you. Since I've yet to take a flattering photo of anyone eating penne a la vodka, when my clients are eating, that is the most perfect time for us to eat as well. This way, when you are done and back out there being your kickass selves, we'll be right along with you, not missing out on anything. Some venues shudder at the thought, but my clients who've requested it, have really made our day.
  • How do you approach the day? I tend to be super relaxed and easy-going, especially when my couples are getting ready. I almost always start off shooting details, moments between whomever's there primping and preening, and tend to be like a blue-haired fly on the wall during this part of the day. During ceremonies, I focus on the crowd, crying moms and dads, those so-in-love smiles you give each other and any and all high-fives you give your guests on the way back up the aisle! Once we get to family photos, I am quick and friendly (grandmas love me), but strict with time and keeping it all moving at a nice pace. This is where my years as a police officer really come in handy, plus I can whistle louder than anyone I know. During portraits, I give you as little or as much guidance as you need, this is when we really just vibe off each other to get the best stuff. Not gonna lie, ideally, you give me like, the entire day to whisk you around and take all of the photos...but in real life (and not MY fantasy), a half hour to 45 minutes with just the two of you is perfect. We end with lots of group photos and guests' grips and grins during cocktail hour, and any type of shenanigans that happen during your reception. I tend to end up right in the middle of the dance floor by the end of the night, photographing and doing the Roger Rabbit!
  • Can we see the RAWs, and all the unedited images for ourselves? Asking a photographer to hand over their RAW, unedited work, is like asking your cake baker to bring you their batter and a bowl of fondant, and call it a day. Me shooting your wedding is only half of what you paid me for! The other half is where I remove all the photos where Aunt Sally was blinking, the flower girl was picking her nose, and I catch you in the middle of chowing down on some fancy canapes. Between those, and misfires, doubles, and anything unflattering to anyone present, I edit and deliver a wonderful gallery of all the wonderful photos I took at your wonderful wedding. :) I promise, nothing worth seeing by you will be excluded. Everything else doesn't get ferried over to the mainland, and spends their days on the island of misfit images.
  • Do you offer albums? YES! I am a big fan of tangible awesomeness, and albums are up there on my list of must-haves for a wedding. I also really, really want them to be a sweet combo of being beautiful, as well as affordable, so the album options I offer are just that. If you can, we have tons of samples at the studio, so stop by to peep them, as well as have a glass of wine. If not, we can email you photos of samples and options, as well as a little video showing them off. :)
  • What is your least favorite thing to photograph? Okay, total honesty, I don't do table shots. They are messy. half-eaten plates of food, waiting for Uncle Steve to come back from the bathroom, and massive centerpieces blocking half the people, no thank you. Instead, I love taking photos of groups of people as they naturally congregate, or if my clients ask me for a high school debate team photo, a crazy cousin picture, or a quick shot of their Sunday morning liquid lunch club members.
  • I hear so much about 'photo credit', what is it and why does it matter? So photo credit, is when you post your photos on social media and, well, give us credit for taking that photo. A link back to our own social media in the caption will put a serious smile on my face and is very much appreciated. It is like the new millennium's version of word of mouth, and I love it long time.
  • What happens if you die? You know, I don't know. That's the age-old question, innit? I'd like to believe there's something out there beyond just this world, but knows really? Maybe I come back as a blue-haired Komodo dragon...As for your wedding, I am part of a fantastic network of brilliant photographers, most of whom are my close friends, and they would not hesitate to step in on a moment's notice if I needed them to, for ANY reason.

    Hmmmm, maybe I'd come back as a unicorn...
  • How far in advance do you usually book a wedding? Some months are more popular than others in New England, and my fall weekends book up well over a year in advance. On average, 18 to 12 months out seems to be the norm for most of my couples to book with me. But sometimes, I'll book a rad wedding or elopement only a few months out, so always check in with us! I try to keep the amount of weddings I photograph to around 20-24 a year.
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