hi there,
i'm laura dee.

Born in The Netherlands • Raised in Aruba • Lover of good music • Huge board game fanatic • Got sorted into Hufflepuff • Drinker of peach Bellinis • Fan of Captain Raymond Holt (bingpot!) • Funny face maker in every photo • Night owl • Dog person • Appreciator of witticisms • Reader of all books • User of words like ‘kickassery’ and ‘dude’ • Allergic to shellfish • Empowered woman • Tattoo addict • Candy crusher • Drawer of doodles • Master ninja wannabe • Jiu-jitsu white-belt for life • Marvel geek • Halloween-is-the-best-holiday enthusiast • High-fiver over hugger • Skydiving bucketlister • Swims with elephants • Solo Monday matinee movie goer • Token sarcastic friend • Adorer of sequins & sparkles • Trotter of the globe • Occasional f-bomb dropper • Believer in unicorns & such • Sun and warm weather worshipper • Enjoyer of time spent with good folks • Supporter of laughter & the right to be happy • Proud liberal snowflake • Curly-haired bleeding heart • Huge game night fanatic • Antique furniture picker • Stingray hugger • Member of House Stark • Lifelong philologos + out-and-out verbivore • Dancer of the ridiculous variety • Pop culture freak • Excited supporter of all things hipster • Passport stamp collector • Ex-police officer • Ex-bartender • Happy mom & wife to a kickass crew.

- Laura

my work is...

...happy, quirky, off-beat, easy-going, whimsical, fun and sexy. I can't help but to jump up and down and squeal whenever I take a dope photo. I constantly try to think outside the box, come up with new and exciting ways to keep this shindig fun for all involved. I thrive off of empowering women, making each one of you feel like a million billion bucks. I love being artsy, and have made angel wings, filled a tub full of florals, and hand-painted the dopest backdrop for shower photos to use to make the most unique, colorful and show-stopping portraits 'ver.

hey, it's emily.

Lover of life * Luckiest wife & dog mom * Field dancer * Star gazer * Fall leaves, crisp air & pumpkin spice give me life (but I’m anything but basic) * Quirky * Always love a bad pun (I’m often the one saying them) * Laughs at own jokes harder than anyone else in the room * Does the awkward closed lip smile at every stranger I make eye contact with * Food lover with a serious sweet tooth * Can blow bubbles of my own saliva into the air (gross? yeah sure but really fascinating I think) * Loves and appreciates all music genres especially yodeling and polka * Can be very sarcastic and hard to read but in the nicest of ways (does she really like yodeling and polka) * Enjoys late night snuggles with the pupparoo (husband too) * LOVES to dance- it’s the best way for me to relieve stress * Has the best family and friends in the whole world * Blessed everyday * Nature lover * Chunky dunking enthusiast * Enjoys flashing the world from mountain tops * A true open book which you couldn’t close if you wanted to *

- Emily

hello, my name is annaliese.

Jack of all trades. Makeup artist extraordinaire, personal trainer and self-proclaimed gym rat. I enjoy long romantic walks to the fridge. I don't eat animals, I snuggle them and talk to them in strange voices. If I had a bagillion trillion dollars I'd buy tons of land and adopt as many animals as I could. Also, s'mores, I like that shit. I love rock 'n' roll but don't think for one second that when an old Spice Girls jam comes on that I don't crank that and get down with my bad self. My hair is pink but I change it so often that it might be purple or orange by this afternoon. I'm teaching myself how to play keyboard, slowly but surely. Pearl Jam forever. I love random dance parties and karaoke. It's Ana, like in Frozen, by the way.  Natural weirdo. Music all of the time. My wardrobe is either black or obnoxiously bright, there is no in between. Peanut butter and a spoon solves most problems. Since I started writing this bio my hair is now pink AND purple. And green. I come from a big family and I'm the baby. I love being outside whether it be hiking, camping, kayaking, walking my pup, or just simply sitting in the sun breathing in the fresh air and thinking about anything and everything. I like to draw and paint but I'm so freakin' picky that it usually takes me forever to finish something. My little pony & ninja turtles, yes please. I own a moody cat named Penelope, and a crazy pup named Bubbles who's probably more photogenic than all of humanity combined. Shout out to sidewalks for keepin' me off the streets.

- Ana

things to know

  • So, do I have to get fully naked to do a boudoir session? Yes. Just kidding, no.

    You wear whatever makes you feel confident and sexy. If that is cotton pajamas, awesome. If that is absolutely nada, awesome.
    I will however, gently guide towards the edge of your comfort zone, and maybe make you take a few steps outside of it, because you just never quite know how good it can feel to be daring!
  • Can I send you my Pinterest page with ideas and poses and suggestions? Ahhh, Pinterest. The site that makes me feel like a DIY, home-decoration failure on the daily. I really need to invest in a good glue-gun, y'all. While Pinterest is surely amazeballs to help you kind of hone in on what type and style boudoir you are envisioning, sending me a long list of images you want to recreate is really counter productive to how our time together would otherwise unfold naturally. Trust, I will take the very best photos of you. Pinky-swear.
  • When and how do I see my photos? OMG, this is my favorite part! You get to see your fully edited images for the first time at my studio during your private reveal session! We'll enjoy a glass of champagne, tea, or sparkling water as you gush over each and every image - and then we get to put together your very own custom order: albums, canvases, folio boxes and more, I have beautiful samples of everything we offer for you to look at, touch and imagine your own beautiful self in!
  • How does the hair + makeup part work? I have a group of really talented ladies who come to the studio to zjush you up for your portrait session - Annaliese (see above) is my main go-to HMU Artist and if you'd like to get fancy before your session in the comfort of our makeup room in the studio, please email her at to book her services!
  • Okay, so I am totally in love with you, how do I book you for a boudoir session? Sweet! Follow this link and pick a date that works for you! Then get super stoked because it's going to be awesome, dude!
  • Do you travel for boudoir sessions? Is the atomic weight of Cobalt 58.9? If you aren't Egon Spengler...that would be an 'absolutely yes'! I love to travel, and exploring this little planet of ours as a photographer is one of the most rewarding things about my job. I'll be taking this party on tour really soon, and in the meantime, yes, I'll come to you, if you live a plane-ride away. :)
  • What about digital files? My biggest goal is to make sure you leave your session with gorgeous, long-lasting, high quality, TANGIBLE goodies. I'm talking albums, canvases and folio boxes with your favorite prints in them. So you can look back on our time together in the future and think to yourself "damn, I look good!".
    Digital files tend to live in dark recesses of hard drives and USBs, only to be forgotten and never looked at again. So yes, you can definitely add on a set of digital files to your order, but don't forget about prints and albums!

    This is also why I do in-person reveal sessions - your edited images won't ever be thrown into a cold, lonely online gallery.
  • Do you only photograph women? I photography mainly women, as well as gender non-binary people. I never say 'never' in absolutes, so if you don't fall into any of these categories, shoot me an email to chat and maybe we'll go from there!
  • Can we see the RAWs, and all the unedited images of ourselves? Asking a photographer to hand over their RAW, unedited work, is like asking your cake baker to bring you their batter and a bowl of fondant, and call it a day. Me shooting your boudoir session is only half of what you are hiring me for! The other half is where I remove misfires, doubles, and anything unflattering, I edit and deliver a wonderful gallery of all the wonderful photos I took of your wonderful self. :)
    I promise, nothing worth seeing by you will be excluded. Everything else doesn't get ferried over to the mainland, and spends their days on the island of misfit images.
  • Do you offer payment plans? We can use Paypal Credit, putting your ordered goods in your hands right away (no need to wait on your end! yay!), and giving you up to 6 months of interest-free time to pay your balance.
  • Will you photography fully nude portraits? If you want to, absolutely.
  • I hear so much about 'photo credit', what is it and why does it matter? So photo credit, is when you post your photos on social media and, well, give us credit for taking that photo. A link back to our own social media in the caption will put a serious smile on my face and is very much appreciated. It is like the new millennium's version of word of mouth, and I love it long time.
  • Do you offer themed sessions? You can add on fifteen minutes to your session for 'shower photos' and/or fifteen minutes to wear my custom-made Angel Wings. :)

    We might do themed sessions in the future; the best way to know when those happen is to be a part of our private Facebook group:
  • How far in advance do you usually book a boudoir session? Clients typically book about 45 to 60 days out, depending on studio availability.
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