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All the info you need before booking your very own Self Love Body Confidence Session!

How It Works

I’m so ready for this, SIGN ME UP!

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Dope, now that we’ve got that out of the way, haiii!
Let me give you a quick and thorough rundown of how your full day Self Love Body Confidence Experience plays out:

My studio is called the Greenhouse Jungle because it’s a jungle inside a greenhouse in by backyard – I have a big love for thrifting and a 1970s aesthetic so my space looks like your cool aunt’s Bali apartment in the 1978! Think lots of textures, bold colors, prints, and eclectic vintage treasures, so the vibe inside my studio is very laid-back, barefoot boho.
(follow me on my IG to see daily goings-on at #thegreenhousejungle in my stories!)

You come in at 9am, and from the jump, we get you nice and comfy: throw on a satin robe, a pair of slippers, enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, or a mimosa and take a seat so your hair and makeup artist can get started!
My team of incredibly fabulous stylists are some of the most talented women in the business, and they’ll make you look like a goddess, while you sit and enjoy getting pampered.
My client closet is pretty extensive; I have tons of outfits, robes, jewelry, bodysuits, and so much more, ranging from sizes xs to xxxl, so once your hair and makeup is done, we choose and style the outfits for your session. You can bring anything you want, but the only thing you NEED to bring is underwear!
Your session itself takes about 90-120 minutes, and takes place either fully inside my greenhouse studio, outside in my backyard jungle, or a combination of both!
Whether you’re a professional model, or you’ve never taken a photo in your life, it doesn’t matter to me: my favorite thing is art directing and posing, so you’re gonna look like a whole snack regardless.
After your session,  you have to keep yourself entertained for about two hours (you’ll be looking like a queen, so I recommend grabbing lunch, running errands, and just going out and loving life) after which you come back to the studio for your same day reveal and order session!
THAT’S RIGHT! You are going to see your beautiful, colorful, kickass portraits the same afternoon as your session! We love instant gratification!
And after we’ve designed and placed your order, you’re all set! Looking and feeling like a million bucks, you better make sure you go out for drinks or dinner after! 🙂

The session fee is 395- and it includes hair, makeup, access to my client closet, access to my studio and backyard, your session, and your reveal session!
Collections (my most popular goodies bundled together and discounted) start at 1900-, a la carte goodies start at 1000-

The best thing about our new studio is that we now offer prepayment plans which come with dope bonuses!
Basically, if you pre-purchase one of our collections, you not only get to pay for your order in installments if you’d like (with our in-house payment plans), but you also get to add one or more bonus sets to your session – we have Angel Wings, a floral tub set, a vintage camper, a boho bell tent set, a Coachella inspired glitter look, a satin sheet set, foam pool party set, an outdoor spa shower set, and much more!

So, what are you waiting for? Book your very own session today and come feel empowered AF!







The schedule
  • Now booking into September 2019!

Reasons to do a body confidence session
  • Because you have an urge to feel sexy AF
  • Because you're worth it
  • It's your birthday
  • Because loving your body is the best gift you can give yourself ♥
  • It's Tuesday
  • Because you just lost some weight
  • Because you just gained some weight
  • It's summer and your tan is on point
  • It's winter and my studio feels like a tropical getaway
  • No reason needed, just because

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