All the Aruba Scoop on Destination I Do!

I met my buddy-boo, Jenn Stein from Destination I Do #becauseofengage. Don’t know what Engage! is? Read all about right → HERE ← (and then, if you are in the wedding biznits, sign up for Engage! number 20 in the Caymans in July! Do it!)
So, when she told me she was doing a week-long feature on all things ARUBA on her destination wedding website, I was like, heck yes do I want to contribute to that!

I was able to show off some dope images myself and some of my workshop attendees took these past two times we were exploring the island, and give some rad tips and tricks on where to go and what to do while in Aruba.

Check out the articles HERE, HERE and HERE!



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