Mel & Matt’s Rustic Farm Wedding

A damn near perfect summer afternoon, light breeze, not too hot, not too cold, some cumulus cotton clouds dotted in a bright blue sky.
It was a terrifically wonderful setting for Mel and Matt’s wedding day at Wood Acres Farm.

It really was a friends & family affair, with Mel’s mom doing a kickass job on the flowers, the DJ being a longtime family friend, Erika (a good friend and former student of Mel) marrying the two, and Mel having grown up near Wood Acres, playing in the woods nearby and at the farm itself when she was a little kid.

Check out my favorite photos of two incredibly cool, laid-back, very-much-in-love people, who are sure to spend the rest of their days making each other laugh.



Second shooter • Gerald Lovelace | Venue • Wood Acres Farm | Hair and Makeup • Beauty Parlr | Bakery • Cutie Pies | Catering • Sunrise Market Deli



↑↓ Simply STUNNING. 


Little slices of light. 🙂 

My absolute favorite is when my couples burst out laughing. Those genuine smiles, that’s what this day is all about. 🙂 

Mel’s uncle showed up on this 1940’s vintage motorcycle, so of course, we had to nab a few photos with it!          

5 thoughts on “Mel & Matt’s Rustic Farm Wedding

  1. Your wedding photos are spectacular ! Beautiful couple, beautiful setting, beautiful memories ! Best wishes for a lifetime filled with love and laughter !

  2. Absolutely beautiful pictures, an amazing setting,and lots of love!
    Wishing much happiness to the bride and groom!
    Thanks for sharing Michele!

  3. Amazing people! Love them both….. these photos captured their spirit , emotions & love …..Beautiful is all I can say …

  4. Great pictures, your day was captured well. We had a wonderful time celebrating with you. Thanks for including us.
    Joe & Gail Morin

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