My Spirit Sisters – Catie & Amy

Catie & Amy are two beautiful souls, inside and out.

Not only are they stellar friends, but they are also quite accomplished, hard-working and ever hustlin’ small business owners, running Catie & Amy, a boutique salon, and traveling hair and makeup services. They specialize in all things beauty for destination weddings, and when they are not traveling the globe, they make people feel kickass at their home base in Hamden, CT. They are truly a joy to work with, and incredibly brilliant at what they do.
(Amy is also the reason for my fabulously bluer than blue hairdo!)

But beyond that, these two are my spirit sisters. We’ve traveled together, shared many adventures, deep conversations during long car rides, and heart-warming discussions on all things life, love and ridiculousness. From relationships, to politics, to how to order a Starbucks drink the correct way, we’ve discussed it all.
Both of these women are so plugged into the universe, each in their own individual way, you can’t help but to feel grounded and relaxed and at ease in their presence. Each of them lights up a room when they walk in, and after only a short conversation, a quick hug, or a simple smile, you feel like you’ve gained a friend.

We had a fun holiday shoot at the studio a few weeks ago, and these are my very favorite images from that morning. Granted, I am still sweeping up confetti off the floor…but it was SO worth it.
Aren’t these two just totes adorbs? If you know them, you can attest to the fact that these photos perfectly match their personalities to a T. Happy, quirky, vibrant, and just always putting the biggest smirk on your face with their silly antics and commentary. There was dancing, there was laughter, there were many, many outfits changes, and lots of wind.
And once again, that liiiiight. I think my goal in life is to get a photo of every person I know against that wall, throwing confetti and dancing to some MJ. That would make me so happy, dude. Can we make that happen, universe?

If you are looking for a salon where ‘getting your hair did’ is turned into an impeccable experience where you walk away feeling like a million bucks, and part of a colorful family, then give these lovely ladies a call. Promise you won’t regret it 🙂

Cheers – xo LDee

Catie: What makes me happiest is bringing up people’s spirits and showing them the beauty I see inside and out. If I can spark positivity and love all over the world I would say I have lived a happy life. We are in charge of how we feel, and today and every day, I will choose happiness. 

Amy: “What makes me happiest is sunshine, miracles and soul connections. Doesn’t have to be mine necessarily. Even being witness to one happening brings me as much joy as experiencing it. That’s what life’s all about…when it is happening with me, or around me, I feel like the world is going in the right direction. And I’m very happy.”

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  Amy: “What I love most about Catie is, I think, her passion for life, and her leadership to anyone who cares to notice in that department. She has a unique willingness-, no, a quest for growth and betterment in all of the most important ways. Some of them, immeasurable from the outside. But she knows what she is doing, and she is committed to it. And, among many other things, I love her for that.”2016-12-16_0021 2016-12-16_00182016-12-16_0022

Catie: “What I love most about Amy is her commitment to really listening to what anyone has to say. She is determined to give everyone her full attention and support, and she is always available to lend an ear and give advice in any circumstance. She believes in people and does not judge them for any shortcomings.”

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