Self Love Body Confidence Session: Francia

Francia brought a ton of kickass energy and fierceness to the studio during her session! Here is how the day went for her:

“I was super excited and also did not know what to expect. Once I stepped foot into the studio tho, I felt like VIP! I had an amazing Makeup Artist Annaliese Jane, while Laura put together outfits, accessories, and even had some fun wigs!! And the STUDIO OMG like a dream. Every nook was just brilliantly decorated and accented!! We used the entire space, and Laura’s excitement and screaming had me feeling like maybe I should be a model full time? I had my best friend with me at the reveal, and we could not stop literally screaming out with how the photos turned out! Not only I left there confidence full blast, I’m only serving side profile if you wanna talk to me lol! I cannot stress enough how I will be showing these pics to EVERYONE once I get my hands on them..”

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