Spring Park Wedding in Atlanta

I love traveling. Doesn’t even have to be to anywhere tropical, if it involves a passport, or a plane ride, the hustle and bustle of an airport, you can count me in.
So when Katie and Andrew asked me to come photograph their nuptials in Atlanta, I said of course! I’d never been to the ATL before, so taking a weekend to soak up another city was right up my alley. Not to mention, their wedding was going to be a beautiful, tented affair in the park, which sounded damn near perfect.

This day was such a stellar day, you guys. Katie looked absolutely stunning, like she took a TARDIS straight from the Jazz Age to come say her I Do’s to Andrew, looking quite snazzy himself.
The room where she got ready…I could have seriously spent an entire day in there just running around all giddy giddy gumdrops because of the ridiculous light and overabundance of textures on the walls and floors. Not to mention this half round door/window situation, which looked like something out of an R.R. Tolkien shire. The stuff of dreams, I tell ya!

The day itself was as good as they get: slightly cloudy (with a chance of meatballs), warm afternoon sunlight, a huge Weeping Willow under which Andrew nervously-excitedly waited for his soon-to-be-wife, a park full of happy people, a Labradoodle in the middle of an epic photobomb, and that kickass city skyline, my Atlanta-native buddy David Murray shooting this one with me, a black-and-white checkered dance floor, really tasty eats and a taco bar (!!!), emotional parent dances (everybody cried!), and two people so very much in love, you could feel it.

Take a peek at all the goodness below, and leave some well-wishes for the happy newlyweds, by sharing your favorite, sappy, mushy, ooey-gooey love song with us all below in the comments! 🙂


The Creative Crew | Venue: The Garden Tent at Piedmont Park | Floral: Corey Owens | Gown: Anya Bridal | Hair: Daniel Reeson | Cake: Baker’s Man Inc. | Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Vintage jewelry: Mirror Lake Antiques



Two-year-old flower girl Amelia was by far the most adorable person at the wedding ♥
This room was full of secret slices of light and moody awesomeness!

↑ A random chandelier in the corner made for some really epic prisms…you can even see Katie’s dad’s silhouette in one of them!
 ↓ I photographed Katie’s bridesmaid, Kate’s wedding a few years ago…I love little reunions like these! 



Katie looked simply stunning! I also loved how her wedding ring matched her mom’s.

Look at that smile…you can totally tell just how much he loves her 🙂 


Awww, mom couldn’t keep the tears away, seeing her son marry the girl of his dreams! 


↑↓ The Atlanta city skyline is so cool! I love how the Symphony Tower reminds me of an Imperial Shuttle a little bit. 🙂 

EPIC photobomb right here. Look at the Labradoodle, just look at him!

Gotta get that photo for my studio wall! Plus, my new purplish hues matched the wedding decor perfectly!

↑↓ All of the emotions and tears during the parent dances, and the speeches given by the Matron of Honor and Best Man ♥


Ending the night with the skyline lit up, and two very happy people 🙂
Nothing beats being surrounded by a great crew of people you love and who love you right back!

2 thoughts on “Spring Park Wedding in Atlanta

  1. The pictures are some of the best wedding photos I have ever seen. You did an absolutely amazing job….He certainly got a jewel with Katy Cochran. Katy you were absolutely stunning! You also look so happy and what a handsome husband you have. Love you and send you a lifetime of love and happiness.
    Caroline Keener Winn

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