You just booked a session! Yay you!

First of all, GET IT! So stoked you’ll be coming to my studio so we can create some serious magic together!

To make sure you get the best experience out of this, here’s a quick, random list of tips, to do’s and suggestions before your shoot!

• DO: bring a few different options for underwear! Our boudie closet is pretty stocked, but bringing a couple of different colored unmentionables (undies, bras, bralettes), including your basic black and white options, will ensure we can put together the dopest outfits.
• DON’T: go tanning, apply self tanner, or get a spray tan less than 48 hours before our session! It’ll stain, and photograph orange and streaky, I promise.
• DO: shave whenever you don’t want hair showing.
• DON’T: shave five minutes before heading over to the studio. Or shave anything you don’t want to.
• DO: eat before you get here! We’ll be spending at least two to three hours together, and I don’t want you to be hangry! I’ll have snacks out the entire time, but there’s only so many slices of cheese and grapes you can munch on.
• DON’T: Surprise me with massive bruises; instead of editing them out, which is tedious, it’d be easier to make sure we can cover them up with concealer/tattoo cover up before your session.
• DO: bring any extra outfits or items you love, more is more!
• DON’T: be sad if we don’t use them; my studio has a super styled look to it – it is a green oasis of tropical boho goodness full of plants and more plants, and the vibe doesn’t always lend itself well to certain looks, like red patent leather, for instance.
• DO: come with your hair dry, and your face freshly washed, if you are having your makeup done at the studio.
• DON’T: bring shoes for your session. The studio is a shoe-free zone!
• DO: bring a friend if it’ll make you feel more comfortable!
• DON’T: be mad if I make them wait in the prep + pamper room downstairs if I think they’re being distracting!
• DO: make sure to be fully ready to go if you choose to not have your hair and makeup done at the studio beforehand. There is no time scheduled in you session to do your hair and makeup at the studio.
• DON’T: ask if I can make you look ten years younger, ten pounds lighter, give your a smaller waist, bigger boobs, a bouncy booty or longer hair, or the skin of a virgin maiden. YOU are beautiful just the way you are, and my job is to show you that you don’t need to change a damn thing about yourself.
• DO: feel like a damn queen the entire time we are shooting!
• DON’T: Talk bad about yourself in any shape or form, I’ll have none of that at my studio, thankyouverymuch.
• DO: plan go go grab drinks, or run errands, or hit up the mall afterwards, because you’ll walk out of here feeling and looking like a million bucks and you’re going to want to keep that momentum going. 🙂

If you have any questions, please shoot me a message at – or click over to the contact me page!
See you soon, you fabulously magical hottie, you!


One comment on “You just booked a session! Yay you!

  1. I can’t wait to see you just you and I! No babies, no husband, just us being dumb. Diana convinced me I had to do this so it’s my birthday present to myself! Love youuuuuuuu

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