Behind-the-scenes shenanigans, island-style

Wowzers! These past six weeks have been insane. IN.SANE.
So much to tell, write about, share, edit, process and work on! It’s overwhelming, but the good kind, where everything you do just keeps those creative juices flowing, and makes you look forward to the next thing on the list. 🙂
Right after Thailand -which will be heavily gushed about in a future blog post!- I basically moved my clothes from one suitcase to another, and hopped on a plane back home, to Aruba, to host my second Wanderlust Workshops.
And maybe, to enjoy Carnaval just a wee bit as well. 😉
I had the ridiculous pleasure of hosting some first-timers to the island, as well as my ‘seasoned vets’, and taking them all over to photograph some dope ish. Once again, the stellar crew from KOMA Models and Trash by Ronchi straight up killed it! And we were immensely lucky to have Fernando Mansur of House of Mosaic Aruba style and design this gorgeous tablescape in the middle of the Aruban ‘jungle’ (imagine tons of cacti and gnarly trees) for us one of the shoot days! When you see the portraits these ladies created…dude, I am mad impressed!
As per usual though, what I like most about hosting people on Aruba isn’t just showing them the beauty this little rock has to offer beyond her gorgeous beaches, but every moment in between. To give them as much of a taste of local island life as I can. From the food, to the culture, to the (ahmayzinggg) people.
Introducing them to my friends and family, to Dutch pancakes, to Aruban beer, to dancing outside until 3am, to local shops and all around crazy island shenanigans. To me, there is an almost palpable vibe all across this place, that instant ‘leave your worries for another time, it’s going to be alright’ type of feeling, and that’s what I am most excited about every time I step off the plane. To have other people feel the same way when they come here, that’s what it’s all about for me.

And of course, to dance until I pass out from sheer exhaustion in Carnaval!

I am so, so proud to be from Aruba, and sharing that with people is what truly makes me happy. 🙂

So, here are the photos I always think are the best ones from any trip to anywhere: the behind-the-scenes. Cellphone snaps included. The ones that show just how much fun was really had.
Much love to Alex, Ashley, Allison, West coast Nicole, East Coast Nicole, Island Nicole, Lisa, Mélyn, Stephanie, Suelyn, Kathe, Gabriel, Ronchi, Fernando, Enzo, Jameson, Xindrah and Danna for making this such an unforgettable experience! My heart is so full. ♥


To sign up for our next workshop in August, head on over → RIGHT HERE!

↑↓ Late night, nightlife boozy drinks, tons of laughter, colorful shows, and so much dancing 🙂 

    When you are walking back from the beach, and spot a sweet little nook for photos. 🙂 

    Carnaval Shenanigans!


↑ Colorful, bright, full of feathers and paillettes, Carnaval costumes are a work of art!
    ↓ I absolutely loved the crew we were with this year, but next year…I’m going in the parade! 

    I’ve known this girl next to me for a solid two decades…some friendships are meant to last through all of the things.
    Me doing ‘my thing’, which includes blocking the sun with my legs, apparently. – Photos by Nicole Babcock Photography 

     Showing the models how it’s done!

↑↓ Always catching Ashley and Nicole making faces and doing some weird poses 🙂

Brand new BFFS, these ladies were like two peas in a pod 😉 
    We were all obsessed with my friend Suelyn’s little dude, Caine! (Top left photo by Nicole Babcock Photography)

     When the light is juuuust right, we all swarm to it like bees to pollen! 

My #becauseofEngage buddy, once removed, Nicole from StudioWed, taught a class on creating a dope Culture Code for your business. And no, Ashley is not naked under a blanket.  

Chasing light. ♥
↓ These types of photos are my favorite because when you put them next to the final product (the image they are taking), you can see just how damn talented these folks are. 

Ahhh, The Dutch Pancake House. They doubted me when the line to get in was a half hour…but then they went back there three more times after. 😉 

     Until next time, Aruba!

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