Weddings ~ Brittany and Luke’s Stunning Tree Farm Shindig

Ending 2016 with a wonderful bang, with this stunning, beautiful and all around fun wedding at one of my favorite spots in CT, The Overlook at Geer Tree Farm!

Rain and cold didn’t stop this crew from celebrating like rock stars, smiles all around and so much love in the air, you could almost see it, and definitely feel it in the air.

We started off the day at Mohegan Sun, excited chatter and nervous bustling about as Brittany and her closest friends readied themselves for the big day, with the help of the kickass crew of MBD Beauty. The details she had painstakingly put together over the past year were super rad, from the champagne glasses with each of the girls’ names on it, to the beautifully detailed invitation suite. Once all the final touches were in place, we headed downstairs to the lobby, where Brittany and her dad had a seriously adorable first look.
Once the ceremony was underway, it was one emotional moment after another. Luke’s face once he say his wife-to-be, his tear-filled vows, and how he slayed Brittany with his words of love and commitment, the entire crowd was having all of the feels!
I especially love all the reception details Brittany and Luke DIYed like seasoned Pinterest pros, I mean, that hollowed out tree stump as the card box? Whatttt??? And when the weather let up for about two-point-five seconds, we all rushed outside for portraits and created a little bit of autumn magic. We pretended it was 40 degrees out, and kept singing “…Aruba…Jamaica..” until we were done! Then it was time for dinner (the food was insanely good, as per usual…thanks to Matthew’s Catering), hysterical toasts and some fun, snuggly campfire portraits.
Not to mention the fact that every single guest rocked it out on the dance floor like it was 1999…I love when that happens, because I get right in there and bust out some moves myself!

Brittany and Luke, here is to a marriage as warm and wonderful and full of love and laughter as your wedding day was! 🙂


xo – LDee

The creative team | Floral: Confetti | Entertainment: Signature Sounds | Beauty: MBD Beauty | Gown: Pronovias | Bridal Boutique: Mariella Creations | Bridesmaids Dresses: Bill Levkoff | Suits: Men’s Wearhouse | Rings: Barmakian Jewelers & Larson Jewelers | Cinematography: Matt Van Ness | Rentals: Arrow Paper Party Rental | Photo Booth Bus: Photo Booth Planet


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All of the details were handmade by Brittany and Luke! I was mad impressed, I can’t even tie my shoe laces properly! 😉

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2016-11-08_0006 2016-11-08_0007





My second shooter, Amanda, is so badass, if I could, I’d clone her and keep her in my back pocket forever. 🙂

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