Weddings ~ Nicole and John’s Gorgeous Fall Shindig

It was the perfect New England fall day when Nicole and John said their ‘I Do’s” in front of their most favorite people, at Glastonbury Hills Country Club. Their little peanut, Enzo, was a show stealer in his tiny suit, laughing it up the entire time, and everyone just had the best day ever, busting moves on the dance floor and celebrating a wonderful union of two beautiful souls. New England in the fall is truly quite stunning, with so many different shades of yellow, orange and red, and that dope late afternoon sunlight. Plus, when you add in this wonderful, crazy-in-love couple you get some sort of magic in front of your camera, dude.
I was especially in love with Nicole’s dress, the back of that thing is to die for, and she looked absolutely riveting from head to toe.

Another favorite were the smoke-filled bubbles the DJ whipped up during the reception; they were really different and cool, added a kickass effect to all the images, and were just a lot fun to pop!

Congratulations, Nicole and John (and little Enzo!); have the most wonderful life together as each other’s better half!



2016-11-16_0031 2016-11-16_0032

How adorable is little Enzo??

2016-11-16_0033 2016-11-16_0034 2016-11-16_0035 2016-11-16_0036 2016-11-16_0037 2016-11-16_0038 2016-11-16_0039

Gotta love when a dad tears up during his kid’s wedding.

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