Weddings ~ Jenny and Victor’s Crazy Carnival Ride

You guys. This weekend was amazeballs.
Yes, it rained. And it was cold. And dreary.
But also.

and phenomenal
and funny
and beautiful
and remarkable.

Jenny and Victor got married, and their wedding was just the most whimsical, wonderful occasion ever. They had this vision of smiling people, games being played everywhere and their guests having the. best. time. ever. And that was exactly how things went down.
This wedding. This wedding was one for the books, dude. When I got the phone call from my boo-thang Diana from Jubilee Events, a.k.a. one of the best event planners this side of the Sun, that she had JUST the perfect couple for me, she wasn’t kidding.

Jenny and Victor are my spirit animals! And their wedding reflected everything about them I immediately fell in love with when I met them.

One of the questions I ask my clients is to tell me about the style of their big day. A question Jenny answered with “Whimsical, carefree, an opportunity for adults to feel like kids again, joyous and accepting.” I read that, and my heart skipped a beat.
And their day was just that, all of the things. No one cared it was crappy out, that it rained or was way too cold for the first day of October. It didn’t matter. We all showed up at Priam Vineyards, walked into this tent, and were transported to a big top circus extravaganza! There were games, so many games, with prizes! A barbershop quartet, an adorable dog, cotton candy, so many desserts, popcorn, wine, dancing, laughter and so much love for these two, it was palpable.

But don’t think for one second it stopped there: We all came back the next morning for a fantastically delicious brunch…and to witness Jenny completely ruin her wedding dress by stomping grapes with her new hubby! Dude. Probably my favorite, most random moment at a wedding, ever.

A quick couple of big ol’ thank yous, first and foremost to my rad second shooters, Gina and Amanda; y’all killed it! SO many good shots. So many. Love you both long time.  To the amazing, fun crew from Jubilee: D, Libby and Ashley. I LOVE working with you…you are on point and profesh, but laid-back and fun all wrapped in one adorable ball of awesomesauce. The catering staff, y’all rocked, and your food is amazing. So good. SO GOOD. To Priam Vineyards, the beautiful space, and kind people who work there. To Mike and co. from Buzz Media, it was pleasure working with ya! And to everyone else who helped make this wedding a really, REALLY fun one, y’all.


LDee -xo



Kick ass creative crew:
• Second Shooters – Amanda & Gina • Getting Ready – The Spa at Norwich Inn • Venue – Priam Vineyards • Event Planning & Design – Jubilee Events • Floral – Just for You Floral Design Studio • Catering – Riverhouse Catering • Cake – But a Dream Custom Cakes • Gown – Kleinfeld Bridal • Hair & Makeup – Beauty Entourage • Paper goods – Coral Pheasant Stationery + Design • Suits – Men’s Wearhouse • Officiant – Tapestry Ceremonies • Tent Decor – Drape Art Designs • Entertainment – Dj Eko • Cotton Candy – Le Puf – Organic Cotton Candy Cart • Caricatures – Scott Wilde • Carnival Games – Aardvark Amusements • Cinematography – Buzz Media Comany • Barbershop Quartet – Downtown Crossing Quartet • Bridesmaids Dresses – Bella Bridesmaids • Rings – Pellegrini Jewelers

14717151_10154610876894878_5955698647271034015_n 14725568_10154610877224878_3839526862767475268_n-114705783_10154610877639878_1900839573690098667_n14753889_10154610877949878_5032785886381601589_o  14692210_10154610877244878_7619723330152632042_o14700964_10154610877234878_7704776471188970641_o14702274_10154610877364878_3541723036921907826_n   14692162_10154610877744878_7741357728752213411_o14522782_10154610877739878_5462708206662149191_n

These adorable random strangers were bawling right along with Jenny and her dad!

14650526_10154610877924878_8190805205666267652_n14721461_10154610877964878_3817721384838052208_n  14670894_10154610905414878_8942570259995867401_n14691288_10154610906334878_7931193567575985913_o14753674_10154610905614878_211371044333589384_o  14701050_10154610902514878_597766104827129170_o14691925_10154610902499878_6411529226303999153_o  14705739_10154610902384878_8480972663396609581_n14666196_10154610905309878_7322077721220973307_n14706822_10154610903269878_1236323471340948630_o14712760_10154610903059878_750979907181494195_o14718732_10154610903414878_2735875536513198544_n14680998_10154610903464878_6217404203327123620_o14717095_10154610903089878_2482969292732039966_n14725657_10154610902984878_208386634155177856_n14581319_10154610902989878_3502963030804246345_n14682181_10154611145859878_480550971373567313_o  14713617_10154610903624878_6053656332284726525_n14718653_10154610903569878_4008868981350405354_n-114729084_10154610903654878_224479200019903992_n14712468_10154610903964878_2568851342652243529_o14650739_10154610914039878_1180807937077928543_n14681990_10154610903899878_6152179773455421978_o14714934_10154610903909878_8598680224156551_o14716194_10154610904359878_2815022757740101483_n14695517_10154610905354878_3012471095505699993_n14650141_10154610904149878_2663925679434302876_n14682098_10154610905659878_4112599297541331762_o14706872_10154610905794878_8911904698324083234_o14753942_10154610910249878_2923785865993388187_o 14707847_10154610910334878_7352419924716764559_o14707797_10154610912579878_7139113538624436876_o14589884_10154610912594878_5099607267790012361_o14707990_10154610905374878_104737767674950709_o14713034_10154610906694878_878724337711389638_o 14753453_10154610910339878_4575366390179767682_o         14707826_10154610905649878_5294529981761074197_o14670663_10154610912574878_2744925983520058878_n14572159_10154610913089878_5986899929224814402_n14712784_10154610913019878_3016500173200182841_o

Day Two: Brunch and grape stomping!

14705691_10154610906324878_3626708626788217480_n14753899_10154610906329878_2003411003535780142_o 14753257_10154610906234878_7434082145853042788_o14713639_10154610906714878_3288729537483624086_n14708138_10154610905784878_5769408219343112178_n14650544_10154610905979878_1469877289898281656_n14707879_10154610909099878_7173151221197718578_o     14714856_10154610908939878_3305454490866497150_o   14650655_10154610906719878_1160950951292446775_n  14712463_10154610909109878_3030382691979055417_o               14680523_10154610906584878_84421414179686785_n  14595627_10154610906914878_421319510653531072_n 14633515_10154610906829878_5148176846886347787_o14595551_10154610907449878_4020709773856033083_n14706902_10154610907354878_70823086208936470_o14707882_10154610909009878_1874376488677067788_o 14650039_10154610907364878_8342870926444381922_n      14724391_10154610907149878_3572338744927334578_n


I LOVE my kickass clients!    14706920_10154610926859878_1301858390984487994_o

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